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Torrent: Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D (2014, CRC Press) - Alex Okita [PDF] [ENG] [LIBGEN]
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Format: PDF

C# to taki język programowania. A Unity 3D zintegrowane ¶rodowisko do tworzenia trójwymiarowych oraz dwuwymiarowych gier komputerowych.

Designed to give you enough familiarity in a programming language to be immediately productive, Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D provides the basics of programming and brings you quickly up to speed. Organized into easy-to-follow lessons, the book covers how C# is used to make a game in Unity3D. After reading this book, you will be armed with the knowledge required to feel confident in learning more. You'll have what it takes to at least look at code without your head spinning.

Writing a massive multiplayer online role-playing game is quite hard, of course, but learning how to write a simple behavior isn't. Like drawing, you start off with the basics such as spheres and cubes. After plenty of practice, you'll be able to create a real work of art. This applies to writing code-you start off with basic calculations, then move on to the logic that drives a complex game. By the end of this book, you will have the skills to be a capable programmer, or at least know what is involved with how to read and write code.

Although you could go online and find videos and tutorials, there is a distinct advantage when it comes to learning things in order and in one place. Most online tutorials for C# are scattered, disordered, and incohesive. It's difficult to find a good starting point, and even more difficult to find a continuous list of tutorials to bring you to any clear understanding of the C# programming language. This book not only gives you a strong foundation, but puts you on the path to game development.

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